What We Do

Organisations today can only succeed if they are trusted – and they can only earn that trust through compelling and credible engagement.

We create and implement communications strategies that initiate and facilitate authentic and constructive conversations with stakeholders.

We bring hands-on expertise coupled with an objectivity born of decades working at the highest levels of business, journalism and consulting.

Our work for clients is based on thinking and doing. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our strategic counsel but also on our ability to roll up our sleeves and get the job done.



Corporate Communications as a Strategic Imperative

We work with senior executives who want substance not spin; who value a discreet outside-in perspective — an independent sounding board — to assess issues and consider potential solutions. We add tangible value by providing confidential advice and by developing ideas and initiatives to help clients bring strategy to life.

Services include:

  • Stakeholder engagement and communications campaigns
  • Influencer/stakeholder mapping and issues analysis
  • Public affairs, government relations
  • Crisis and issues preparedness and recovery
  • Strategic communications workshops and off-sites


Financial Communications & Investor Relations Management

We create and execute strategic communications programmes essential to the success of IPOs, M&As, quarterly results and major strategy announcements. We work with CEOs, CFOs and other spokespersons to ensure that they are well prepared to meet the markets and earn the confidence of the financial community.

Services include:

  • Sustained IR and financial communications
  • IPO and M&A communications campaigns
  • Debt and capital raising communications strategy
  • Quarterly results, EGMs, AGMs communications
  • Major corporate strategy and financial announcements


Every Company is a Media Company

Every company has the capability to be a source of relevant, timely, topical and trusted content. We help clients reach out directly to stakeholders in a credible and compelling manner. We help them respond directly to issues and participate in conversations that can impact their business.

Services include:  

  • Content development and distribution
  • Media relations campaigns
  • Social media engagement and dialogue
  • Thought leadership opinion-editorials, speeches, presentation support
  • Brochures, websites, newsletters
  • Video: ideation, scripting, production and distribution


Corporate Social Innovation

Our CSI approach focuses on creating tangible value, bottom-line impact or achieving competitive advantage whilst also creating societal value. A key element of our approach is the unique methodology we call Profit-MAD: Profit Making a Difference.

Services include:

  • CSI audits: analysis, assessment and recommendations
  • CSI programme development: workshops, ideation, immersion and strategy
  • Programme management and execution
  • CSI amplification strategies (media and stakeholder communications)
  • NGO and advocate mapping and engagement
  • Video: ideation, scripting, production and distribution