Being there when McKinsey speaks

Business Times - Is McKinsey & Co the Chauncey Gardener of consulting? In the film Being There, the main character (played by Peter Sellers - in his final and finest role) is Chauncey, whose simplistic utterances about horticulture are misinterpreted as profound allegorical wisdom on the state of the economy.

Glossy survey is already out of date

Financial Times - When is a survey of sentiment past its sell-by date? The global survey from PwC (“Chief executives tread wary path to forum”, January 23) concludes that chief executives are gloomy about their growth prospects.

How to avoid an Olympic hangover

London Business School "Business of Sports" Magazine - Bill Rylance, a senior advisor to the organisers of South Korea’s momentous 1988 Olympic Games and the 2002 FIFA World Cup, on what 2012 could and should mean for London.

E-mail isn’t dead yet

By Bryan Matthews - Nobody would dare to suggest that social media isn’t changing the world and the way people share information. But even if Facebook is the world’s biggest online community and Twitter is the quickest path to viral phenomenon status, don’t write off the impact of good “old-fashioned” email.

Authenticity is what an audience craves

By Andy Eklund, WATATAWA Catalyst Group member - Of all the attributes you bring as a speaker (informally at a status meeting, formally as a conference presenter) – which do you think is most important?

How do you account for the “unaccountable”?

By Simon Pangrazio - The beauty of today’s “knowledge economy” is that it is supposed to make it easier to access and assess information. So one would think that with all the information available – and the technology designed to provide and format calculations -- we should be able to examine the true and total value of an organisation at the push of a button.

Why “Content Marketing” Is Actually Old News?

By Bryan Matthews - It’s interesting how “Content Marketing” has come to infer some new-fangled strategy which owes its existence to web gurus and wouldn’t even have been possible before we all started communicating in cyberspace.

Cashed-up funds face questions of reputation

By Chris Werner - So much money, so little choice. The juries have remained hung for some time and the verdicts are still not in. The evidence, particularly from Europe, suggests, however, that the global financial crisis might not be over yet; indeed, that a double dip recession remains a possibility.

The networked narcissism of Twitter twaddle

By Bryan Matthews - Recent statistics tell us that there are some 130 million Twitter accounts in the world with that number increasing by 300,000 per day. A quarter of people who sign-up sadly haven’t a single follower


Earning Stakeholder Trust

CEO Bill Rylance talks to Singapore Stock Exchange companies on how stakeholder trust can make or break your business.

Governance & Gender Diversity

WATATAWA ‘s point of view in a panel discussion on governance and gender diversity at a Singapore Stock Exchange Breakfast Forum.

Defining Seoul

WATATAWA CEO Bill Rylance discusses the strategy for the future of the Korean capital with Seoul city Mayor Park Won-soon.

Revealed: How one wee decision changed Olympic history

It’s 25 years since Ben Johnson created the biggest drugs scandal in Olympic history. Finally, WATATAWA reveals what really happened in the doping centre in Seoul in 1988.