Olivia Onderdonk

Associate Director

With a background in policy and sustainable development, Olivia provides advice on stakeholder engagement through thought-leadership strategies and communication of sustainability initiatives and policy. She works closely with a wide-range of clients, from the technology, commodities, mobility, insurance and energy sectors across Asia.

Olivia joined WATAWAWA from the NewCities Foundation, a global think tank focused on urban development, where she was the Deputy Executive Director. She led a team of project managers and researchers to help discover and scale sustainable innovations in municipal governments across the world.

Olivia drove the development of the first global network of newly planned and built cities, working with national governments and large private developers to ensure greenfield cities are sustainable, equitable and answer the needs of local communities. In her past roles, Olivia managed dozens of projects, from large scale thought-leadership events to community research, including projects in Brazil, Indonesia, France, South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Canada, India and the UK. She is a frequent speaker at international events, including the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, the Happy Cities Summit in Amaravati, and the Stolypin Forum in Moscow.

Originally from the US, Olivia holds a BA from the University of Warwick (UK), a certificate of International Relations from Peking University (China), and an MSc from the University College London (UK).