Bryan Matthews


Bryan has spent more than 35 years in Asia, first as a journalist and then in public relations. He has worked on newspapers and magazines in England and the Middle East and was a print and broadcast correspondent in Asia covering regional issues. He was one of the first reporters to enter Imelda Marcos’s bedroom and count her shoes. In 1987, he moved to Korea to manage international media relations for Seoul’s hosting of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. He later became a founding partner in Korea’s first foreign-owned public relations consultancy which, after becoming the country’s leading PR agency, was acquired by Burson-Marsteller. Bryan was B-M Market Leader in Korea, also holding regional responsibilities before leaving in 2009. He has led national and regional programmes for western multinationals targeting Asian markets and Asian firms expanding their global presence. He has worked with sponsors and organising committees for three Asian Games, on a number of Olympic sponsorship programmes, and managed media relations for Korea’s successful bid to host the 2002 FIFA World Cup. He accompanied three Korean government delegations in support of presidential summits held in the United States. Bryan specialises in programme development, speechwriting and media relations strategies.